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The moderators were ruthless in picking at Trump weakest spots

In fact, there were some signs of vulnerabilities on Thursday. The moderators were ruthless in picking at Trump weakest spots, most notably his long trail of ties to Democrats and his assortment of liberal positions. There were a handful of boos in Atlanta when Trump defended his support for single payer health care, and as […]

With the aid of Thalia, the muse of comedy and science

Call Back: The first round’s dollar values included and both of which were present on Press Your Luck. A Day in the Limelight: Mostly the above, but on the last day of taping then Fremantle employee Mandel Ilagan (probably best known for creating Half Off for The Price Is Right) hosted the final rehearsal game, […]

The panther dwells within the deepest regions of the darkest

Perhaps there is no way to quantify it, but there are ancillary effects in these kinds of transactions. You could look at the negative impact in the areas of marketing and branding when a franchise unloads a long standing fan favorite, but it would be tough to pin down an exact number. All we know […]

And understandably, it might feel strange and hard

The real uproar came later, however, when she said this: crisis narrative has become the dominant narrative. Crisis is normal. We’re living in permanent crisis. Retirement Records The investments you make toward your retirement are also a good definition of financial records. As a rule of thumb, UMB says to keep records of any investments […]