Investor Relations

Why invest in Lago Reef?


Lago Reef, due to its size and location provides plenty of investment opportunities within the tourism, leisure and property sector. Located in Mozambique’s Inhambane province, it’s surrounded by beautiful views, the Indian Ocean and a large fresh water lake.

It’s also within a short distance of Inhambane airport. The area is already a hot spot for tourists – diving and fishing in particular – thanks to its beautiful reefs, exotic landscape and bustling wildlife.

From a lakeside hotel, beach front accommodation and luxury villas to a water sports leisure centre, Lago Reef can accommodate them all.

Investing in Mozambique

Mozambique saw high levels of investment in infrastructure between 2002 and 2013 – and tourism has boomed as a result. The economy in particular is thriving; foreign firms are flocking to Mozambique in their droves, attracted by the opportunities this unique and unspoilt land has to offer. Tourism alone accounts for about 6 per cent of the country’s total tax revenues, according to the Mozambican Tourism Minister Carvalho Muária – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

It’s not just tourism that’s fuelling the economic boom, though. Mozambique has emerged as a major player in the global energy market and is expected to become one of the world’s largest exporters of coal and liquefied natural gas. According to some estimates, it will supply a quarter of the world’s fuel by 2025.

Investment opportunities in the area

• Beach developments
• Luxury homes
• Lakeside boutique hotel
• Bush camps
• Nature reserve
• Sports leisure centre
• Diving school
• Float plane shuttle service

Our Strategy

• To provide investors with advice and knowledge of the local area, including planning and development laws
• Provide returns for our investors and to encourage economic growth in the local area
• To develop high quality infrastructure & buildings to minimise cost of ownership and promote high investment return

Investor relations

We place considerable importance on communications with our stakeholders, from our investors to the local community We act within Mozambican law and guidelines and work closely with our investors to provide guidance on national & local legislation, opportunities and financial regulations
We know the area well; we can put our investors in touch with valuable contacts to grow the investment opportunity with new activities and services that will complement Lago Reef

Investor Potential


Due to Lago Reef’s location and size it will appeal to individual and large investment funds. One asset is the approval to build a hotel on and in the fresh water lake. In addition, the lake could make an ideal base to operate a float plane shuttle service. The Cessna Caravan has a range of 800 nautical miles which puts Lago reef within reach of:

• The Kruger National Park
• Gorongosa National Park

There are plenty of development opportunities for holiday accommodation. We have started and completed the approval process for 30 homes on the high dunes and ten homes on the beach development, as well as a water sports centre. There still remains plenty of opportunity to increase the number of these homes and to include boat houses with ancillary accommodation. Lago Reef’s landscape also lends its self to developing mid-range to high-end luxury lodges without compromise.