Resort Information

Mozambique is perfect for holidaymakers and those wishing to enjoy a relaxing Indian Ocean beach break. Mozambique is situated on the southeastern coast of Africa over the Tropic of Capricorn and between South Africa and Tanzania. With thousands of kilometres of beautiful palm-fringed beaches,  warm bathing waters and lagoons, and a warm tropical climate, Mozambique is the ideal holiday destination for having warm weather all year round, ideal for diving, camping, fishing, scuba diving, sightseeing and other beach activities.

Mozambique’s dry season, or winter period, is the ideal time to visit this beachside  African country. Temperatures and climate vary depending upon altitude. The higher areas are slightly cooler and less humid.

The dry season lasts for about four to six months, whereas in the south, the dry tropical climate is between six and nine months. All year round average temperatures are 21C to 34C in.


Hottest months are between December and March (rains for short periods and the sun is out again), while coolest months are from June to August.

In northern Mozambique the temperatures can be higher making it  uncomfortable and  mosquitoes thrive bringing misery and worry to your stay.

The high dunes of Lago Reef enjoys an on-shore cooling breeze making the climate more enjoyable. It’s also nearly 100 per cent mosquito free, which makes activities (and relaxing) more enjoyable.

Lago Reef is located near the friendly and beautiful town of Inhambane, which is suited on Inhambane Bay. The Portuguese established a permanent settlement and trading post here back in 1534, making it one of the oldest settlements in south-east Africa. This historic town also has its own airport , a museum, banks, restaurants and bars. Buses run 5 times a day from Inhambane to the capital, Maputo.